Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Instant Email Addresses

Why I became a member of ViralinBox...

Instant email addresses

  •  30-Free Instant email addresses that you customize on the spur of the moment for your new contact to exclusively use to reach you. These unique and private addresses help you manage incoming email. Sorting and filing by sender is automatic! All inboxes are easily accessed on one page with one login.
  • Additional inboxes are available by upgrading to a Paid Membership.

Easy SPAM block

  • SPAM control feature allows you to block all mail to a problem address. If your contact turns out to SPAM alot or unduly share their assigned unique inbox, you can block all email to it.

Free Internal Advertising 

  • Advertise for-free to fellow ViralinBox Users using Credits earned by viewing their advertisements -or- with purchased Credits.
  • On-site Banner and Text ads -and- periodic emails to their Safelists are available options.You see fellow members' promotions AND they see your promotions.
  • More advertising placements -and- Less incoming email come with a Paid Membership

Start your free Lifetime ViralinBox Membership NOW

You will be glad you did!

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