Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Instant Email Addresses

Why I became a member of ViralinBox...

Instant email addresses

  •  30-Free Instant email addresses that you customize on the spur of the moment for your new contact to exclusively use to reach you. These unique and private addresses help you manage incoming email. Sorting and filing by sender is automatic! All inboxes are easily accessed on one page with one login.
  • Additional inboxes are available by upgrading to a Paid Membership.

Easy SPAM block

  • SPAM control feature allows you to block all mail to a problem address. If your contact turns out to SPAM alot or unduly share their assigned unique inbox, you can block all email to it.

Free Internal Advertising 

  • Advertise for-free to fellow ViralinBox Users using Credits earned by viewing their advertisements -or- with purchased Credits.
  • On-site Banner and Text ads -and- periodic emails to their Safelists are available options.You see fellow members' promotions AND they see your promotions.
  • More advertising placements -and- Less incoming email come with a Paid Membership

Start your free Lifetime ViralinBox Membership NOW

You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fresh Quality Content = Traffic

Quality Content and Fresh Content build Search Engine Rank and Traffic
Getting Traffic (Visitors) to your Marketing website is essential. If you want to avoid the expense of advertising, providing unique high quality Content will help draw traffic to your website. The Search Engines recognize the uniqueness and quality of the content and Rank (position) your webpage higher in their (SERP) Search Engine Results Pages. To achieve significant traffic results, one of the top few Ranks is needed. This requires what is called Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) of each webpage.
The quality of your content is determined by the search engines from analysis of your Visitor feedback. This feedback is primarily the number of votes or backlinks to your page, but each backlink is adjusted to incorporate its' own quality factor.
Building up your quality backlink count takes time as it is a chain reaction. Recent improvements in the Search Engines now make using Blackhat techniques such as purchasing backlinks to speed things up,  have little positive effect and may actually have negative effect due to their (the backlink's) negative quality ratings.
Quality backlinks now come largely from your Visitors posting about you on Social Media, so make that easy for them -and- encourage your Visitors to share your content on their Social Media.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have been concentrating my efforts on my own Blog site stephend7.com/blog/ ( note: you MUST include the /blog/ -OR- at least /blog to access the blog ) That Wordpress ( .org NOT .com ) blog presents technical concepts on How to Setup a Website Online with Business Income potential.

Useful information for new -or- struggling website owners, includes techniquics and recommendations.

Drop by for a visit :-P

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Falling Fast

Falling fast and on the Way Up.
My first privately owned website http://stephend7.ws/ has fallen from Alexa 9,714,391 on Oct.11th to Alexa 5,091,678 today. Wow! Alexa numbers downward from busiest. Google.com is Alexa 1.
This has little to do with Keywords or Search Engine Optimization. My skills in these areas of endeavour sadly need improvement. The rise or fall is likely mostly the result of several small changes in content and related visits.
The content is about Steps to Setup Your First Online Website
As Alexa.com primarily analysises web TRAFFIC, either I have passed millions of nearly dead websites -or- cracked open the door of successful Online Marketing.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Capture an Opt-in, DO NOT Squeeze a Visitor

Squeeze Page Not Optional

Wide spread advice is that you should force your traffic to a Squeeze Page before allowing them to proceed. This is intended to quickly build your email marketing list. This technique may be appropriate for an established business, one that can afford to risk having the visitor Exit the page without Submitting -- their information.

If you are new to Online Marketing and Earning Quick cash is your Top priority be sure to make the Submission optional. The reason here is that many visitors will not Submit their information unless they Trust you and Value your Bait, er.. potential Offer Content, more than their own Privacy risk.

How many Squeeze Pages have you closed to Exit without Submitting your Opt-in information? 
( Often this starts a series of Exit pop-up page offers )  ;-(    More on Exit pages later.  ;-)

If you have a Visitor on the way to being a paying Customer, do not needlessly risk losing the sale.

It is better to Capture a happy Lead through an Opt-in  rather than try to Squeeze a reluctant visitor and have them flee -- possibly NEVER to establish Trust and belief in your Value to them.

Catch you later  ;-)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Start Website of Own

Start Business with a Website of Your Own

Information OVERLOAD, Summer environment, and lack of Focus all add up to a slo-o-w start.

Still editing my first non-provided website which outlines what you need to start an online business. The " http://stephend7.ws " website presents a summary of selected results of extensive research, as opposed to Promoting a single System that worked once. The selection is appropriate for business Newbies on a tight budget and conforms with the prevailing advice that you do NEED a website of your own.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogger Online

Online Marketers need a website of their own and unless you have more than a shoestring budget to promote traffic to that website, low cost or maybe free publicity.

I will share my experience as I experiment and develop my website and this Blogger.com blog.

Often very small glitches derail progress, bringing everything to a temporary but complete stop. For example, when setting up this blog I was required to provide a Blog Name. What ...? No contextual help available on the setup page and no reply to my forum post. ;-(

It turns out I was to merely create a new name for this blog ... Shoestring Start. Should it be my Nickname, Brand-name, general interest, main subject, or a niche...?

Oops, time flies.

Back later.