Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fresh Quality Content = Traffic

Quality Content and Fresh Content build Search Engine Rank and Traffic
Getting Traffic (Visitors) to your Marketing website is essential. If you want to avoid the expense of advertising, providing unique high quality Content will help draw traffic to your website. The Search Engines recognize the uniqueness and quality of the content and Rank (position) your webpage higher in their (SERP) Search Engine Results Pages. To achieve significant traffic results, one of the top few Ranks is needed. This requires what is called Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) of each webpage.
The quality of your content is determined by the search engines from analysis of your Visitor feedback. This feedback is primarily the number of votes or backlinks to your page, but each backlink is adjusted to incorporate its' own quality factor.
Building up your quality backlink count takes time as it is a chain reaction. Recent improvements in the Search Engines now make using Blackhat techniques such as purchasing backlinks to speed things up,  have little positive effect and may actually have negative effect due to their (the backlink's) negative quality ratings.
Quality backlinks now come largely from your Visitors posting about you on Social Media, so make that easy for them -and- encourage your Visitors to share your content on their Social Media.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have been concentrating my efforts on my own Blog site stephend7.com/blog/ ( note: you MUST include the /blog/ -OR- at least /blog to access the blog ) That Wordpress ( .org NOT .com ) blog presents technical concepts on How to Setup a Website Online with Business Income potential.

Useful information for new -or- struggling website owners, includes techniquics and recommendations.

Drop by for a visit :-P